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My Piedmont: Great tastes and old charm

Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Annalisa, your guide in Piedmont. I can't count how many times I welcomed tourists this way.

My Piedmont is "my own Piedmont", specifically the Cuneo province, where I live and where my boutique travel agency Bramafam is based. Here I have the pleasure of personally welcoming all those visitors who decide to explore this beautiful and special corner of Northern Italy bordering France.

Why My Piedmont? Because I wanted to give particular evidence to a place where you can still experience "authentic Italy" and where I can introduce people to unexpected panoramas, artistic masterpieces and our unique lifestyle as only a native can.

The Cuneo province is still, in some ways, a hidden gem.
Away from popular tourist spots, it has a cultural diversity that needs time to be appreciated.

The experience I aim to provide is more like being hosted by a friend rather than treated like a client. I assure you, it will make a difference!

I'll share with you a little bit about the character of our people; I'll teach you some words in the old Occitan language as well as explain how France influenced our habits and traditions.

We'll have a great time together exploring cozy castles and ancient abbeys, or if you prefer, hiking up to the Alps to taste delicious mountain cheeses. If you like more intimate spaces, our quaint and peaceful medieval villages are perfect for leasurely walks immersed in Italian history.

Are food & wine your main interests?
Don't worry: My Piedmont is the right place! Barolo and Barbaresco, as well as white truffles are Made in Cuneo! It would be a pity to tour Italy and miss this amazing region. It's a crossroad of different cultures, rich in interesting tourists attractions and it has unparalleled gourmet offerings.

Accept my invitation to come to My Piedmont and be prepared to enjoy all of the unique flavors that this place has to offer.

Grazie, Vi aspetto!

As a native of Piedmont, I truly love my homeland. For more than ten years, I have proudly owned and operated my agency Bramafam and provided travelers with customized itineraries meticulously suited to their tastes and needs.

I have accumulated many contacts and have gained much knowledge in my 24 years of experience in the field of tourism and travel. As an independent consultant, I have a lot of experience customizing itineraries and managing the unique needs of people coming from different countries. My cross-cultural knowledge has been fundamental to my success in understanding modern hospitality, which is to create something special for my clients that will generate wonderful emotions and life-long memories. Last but not least: I am not English native speaker but I am excited at the idea of writing in English: hope you will forgive my mistakes!

www.MyPiedmont.it is operated by BRAMAFAM a fully licensed Italian owned incoming tour operator specializing in cultural, historical and gastronomic tours for individuals as well as groups all over Italy.