My Piedmont: Great tastes and old charm

If I had to describe My Piedmont in few words I would say that is a "Granda" (Big) province, not only for the size but also for its excellences. Map of Cuneo Province

Dominated by a stoned king, the Monviso Mountain, it's a territory from the several landscapes and great history; of countless smal towns and villages sospended between mountain valleys and verdant hills topped with castles. In between you find the big "soul", the Po River (652 km), the longest river in Italy, rising in the Monviso itself.

The province still remains a territory largely undiscovered and even amongst Italians is little known. However, this geographical "marginality" has been for us an adavantage, avoiding macroscopic damages to the environment and teaching us to consider our mountains "links" more than osbtacles.

If you will allow me to drive you in my favourites places you will discover treasures you will never immagine.

Let me briefly anticipate to you a general map of My Favourite Places:

My art towns - First of all my town, Saluzzo, an antique and aristocratic Marquisat also called "the small Siena of the Alps" with splendid monuments from the Middle Age and with a territory rich in small castle and old abbeys.

Sister of Saluzzo can be considered Mondovì town, a charming divided into several rioni (ancient quarters) and with a recently reopened funicolar railway linking the Breo quarter with the Piazza one. At short distance from the town is the village of Vicoforte which hosts a Cathedral with the world's largest elliptical dome.

Cuneo is the provincial capital and its mainly known for its famous and noble proticoes and old style cafes where you can taste superb chocolates as the local Cuneesi al rhum (chocolate truffle filled with rhum liquor).

My Mountains – the Alps of Cuneo province are my special refuge expecially in Summer time, when I need to escape from the warm weather or when I just need to immerse myself on the silence of the peaks and cristalline waters. Here I like to walk on the Mistà Routes, special itineraries dedicated to history, art and faith, rich in romanesque and gothic jewels painted by master as Hans Clemer. These are the alpine valleys of Valle Grana and Maira, Valle Varaita, Valle Po, Valle Stura home also to fascinating Occitan culture and language.

My Hills - The Langhe hills, my second home, were I am spending most of my time from June to November due to the great number of tourists coming here for visiting the Barolo and Barbaresco wine districts. These hills have really a special place in my heart: it's where I have most of the friends, all involved in viticulture and hospitality business, and where landscapes never end to fill my eyes with astonishment and wonder ...

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