My Piedmont: Great tastes and old charm

Piedmont is a multifaced region and still unkown by mass tourism. Here is a place where you can really have fun motivating your team with the dynamic atmosphere of our mountains or with the mystery of our castles.

You can award your guests with something special and something valued like our top wines and food delicacies without missing that special Italian Glamour you can "breathe" in the air when touring these lands.

Ladies expecially will appreciate the culture and the imposing beauty of the monuments of the Savoy dinasty; the innate elegances of our fashion shops and everybody will be touched by the Piedmontese special talent for good living.

Explore our inspiration section and find trip
ideas and emotional experience based on
your travel preferences.

Whether you are thinking to a Special Event, Company holiday or Corporate Incentive My Piedmont will surprise you for special locations and inspirational and innovative ideas.

My deep knowledge of best locations and my vast experience in the field of special events are the key to organizing with creativity and personality themed events; motivational programs; team building and special Corporate wine events.

According to the subject of the occasion or event, I propose locations to meet particolar requirements as superb wineries; historical buildings; medieval castles; private gardens or inusual and impressive sites.