Stylish Hospitality

My Piedmont: Great tastes and old charm

Old-world charm, cozy ambiance and country simplicity: this is the genuine hospitality of My Piemont.

I am convinced that where you stay is very much part of a travel experience and staying in characterful accomodation tells you a lot about the "style" of a holiday destination.  For this reason I‘ve chosen for you the most charming B&B and best boutique hotels: they are located in romantic parts of the region or at few minutes walk or driving to main monuments and attractions. All are perfect for relaxation surrounded by enchanting  panoramas  and immersed in the history and culture of the area.  

You can chose among castles or historic residences immersed in the heart of our wine districst or  the small boutique hotels and charming farmhouses where you can indulge in the “slow” local rythms. If you need  any mental and physical rebirth you can count also on some luxury Hotel & Spa. If privacy and exclusive services are your priority, a private luxury villa is what you need.  

Although the Piedmonteses  have a reputation  of  being  shy and not so “open”  as Southern Italians usually are, I am sure you’ll be touched by  the kindness and courtesy of the people in charge of your hospitality

I know personally all of them and they know my concept of hospitality: be ready to be welcomed with a glass of our wines  and find people that know how to take time off for the serious things in life as eating, driniking, chatting to friends and enjoying life….

The Cuneo province is the perfect place to escape the crowds and enjoy an authentic relaxing holiday and, even if the  province  opened only recenlty to International  tourism, it has been able to develop in few years a good number  of small luxury hotels, right in the center of the small towns or dip into the lush nature of the countryside.