My Piedmont: Great tastes and old charm

Dear Italy Lovers,

welcome to my blog page soon on line. The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to a very special part of Italy, where you can still smell nature and authenticity everywhere: the Cuneo province.

You probably already know about this province thank to the Barolo wine, the Gianduja chocolate and the white truffle from Alba. My desire now is one of sharing with you much more than this!

I would like to offer you the chance of discovering expceptional built and natural heritage; to learn about a moltitude of different artistic expressions and let you know what intrigues and excites me more of this region.

I would like also to tell you more about a province that has been able, with Slow Food Movement, to transform Food in Identity and create a new gastronomical culture. Food and Wines is a must for us Piedmonteses!

I'll not updated my blog every single day: I have a full time job managing tourists but I do try to keep my blog approximately to one update per week.

Let me finally thank you in advance for reading my blog: I am at my first experience with blog and I am not a native English speaker but I am so excited about this new adventure! I hope you will forgive mistakes and the writing not always correct.