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My Piedmont: Great tastes and old charm

When someone asks me to say in few words the meaning of exploring the Cuneo province I answer "It's an itinerary for Soul and Senses as well". This is in fact a land that will susprise you for spectacular untouched nature, amazing architectural jewels and unparalleled wine and food delicacies.

In this page you find some ideas concerning most emotional experiences you can have here. They are just few among the several: do not hesitate to write me and ask for the one of your dream!

Back to the Middle Age - experience the artistic treasures hidden in the valleys and plain of the Province of Cuneo, the charm of the medieval small villages, on the panoramic roads driving you to parish churches, monasteries, sanctuaries and castles. It's a way back on the traces of the pilgrims, the armies, and the artists who went through our mountains.

All about wines - Piedmont is the land of some of Italy's most prized wines - Barbaresco, Barbera, Nebbiolo, and most famous of all, Barolo. Experience all the different itineraries and activities I've chosen for the wine lovers.

Beside winetours and tastings in top rated cellars of our wine districts you'll find also special wine seminars and wine stage with dedicated sommelier or wineries tours with eoenologists and cellar masters.

Food tastings and cooking classes - The Cuneo province has become a superlative gastronomic destination. Cuneo cooking is considered today to be the best among in the Italian regions, thanks to some of the best product in the world if you are a foodie don't miss our culinary excursions and special cooking classes.

Arts & Crafts - beside the well known Artisans of food, my lands will be able to surprise you with the its craftsmen still working in the field of wood, metals, tapestry, embroderie, ceramics or in the art of making of hand-made musical instruments. I am sure that you'll be charmed by a rare craftsmanship!

Outdoor activities - if you need Nature in my Piedmont you can choose from many outdoor activities: cycling along the River Po; golfing; hiking up to the hills of the wine district or at the Alps ; special trekkings across Italian and French Alps and rafting as well.

On the mountains lands are located also most of Cuneo's province thermal springs where you can regenerate your body and mind with stimulating mountain water.

Explore our inspiration section and find trip ideas and emotional experience based on your travel preferences.